Samantha Chanel Roque on my birth certificate. I was born in the City of Dreams but grew up as a dreamer in the Pearl of the Orient Seas. I have fair heat tolerance though I've been living most of my life in the Philippines. When it gets too hot, I get cranky. Except when it comes to the heat in the kitchen. I'm a lover of anything sweet, food-related or not. I use pastries and cakes to bribe people, especially when working in the laboratory. I've finished a medical-related degree and I've finished countless cups of coffee (real coffee, not those frappuccino things) finishing college. 

Besides my constant sugar-rush, java-induced palpitations, and growing love for tea, my true passion lies in books and writing. I'm as enthusiastic about books as a fangirling chihuahua at a Maroon 5 concert, and I want to meet people like me who drive people up against the wall with too-dramatic reactions when it comes to fictional stories. I'm hoping to publish a lot of books someday. I love putting words together and I'd love to create a different kind of dimension for other people to escape to. This blog is a kick-start to that.

My next agenda when I've completed this task is to change the world. World Peace everyone! *beauty queen wave*

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