Genres I review:
  • Contemporary YA
  • Fantasy YA
  • Dystopian YA
  • Science-fiction YA
  • Paranormal YA

Genres I don't review:
  • Horror
  • Erotica
  • Non-fiction
  • Biographies

  • One cookie
    • It was either tasteless or overdone. Most of the content did not deliver and lacked appeal. In the aspect of the supposedly forged bond or connection between us, there was little to none. This one's a stale cookie.
  • Two cookies
    • There were good parts, but most of it did not meet my standards. Certain parts were questionable. Along the way, there were times that I was expecting it to get better, but only came out as half-baked.
  • Three cookies
    • Not perfect, but it was a good one. A spoonful of this or a bit less of that and it would have been so much better. It was enough to catch my attention. 
  • Four cookies
    • "I dough not want to stop!" says my heart. There was just the right amount of sugar and spice that kept me on my toes. This definitely hit the spot.
  • Five cookies
    • Just a little bite and it had me coming to the dark side. I've devoured the whole thing, and then a lot more! This had me on a constant sugar rush with its perfect balance of every ingredient, plus an extra glass of brilliance to push it over the edge. It's just so good, it's actually bad for me. Call the doctor!

Swoon Spoon
  • Truckload of feels (1,000,000+++%)
    • Totally shipping this. TOTALLY. Whole-heartedly, completely, and devastatingly needing more shipping tape for this!
  • Shovelful after shovelful (75-100%)
    • I've buried myself six feet under a bed of emotions. Author just dug deep into my heart in the best possible way.
  • Scoop of I-scream (50-75%)
    • I like this flavor. Mm-hmm!
  • Spoonful of swoogar (25-50%)
    • Just a taste here and there but not nearly enough.
  • Groveling (0-25%)
    • Totally bitter. Not even a hint of sugar or spice or anything nice.

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