Sunday, 15 March 2015

Taking Root

Hello, from the Pearl of the Orient Seas! 

I'm Samantha Roque and I recently became eligible to drink alcohol but would rather drown in coffee or smoothies instead. My brain is a whirlwind of curlicues of fancy things, lightning bolts of misty objects, and tangled scribbles of things I have yet to put together. I have a sort-of creative mind, though I'm struggling in expressing my thoughts on paper.

So here I am! I'd like to be able to write about books and random stuff and interact with awesome people, especially those with the same awesome interests as me while improving my writing--slash typing--skills.

I'd like to live in Rivendell or the City of Glass but, you know. Can't. And I'd really love to be a Grisha or a Shadowhunter but, y'know. Also can't. It sucks. It really does. So the second-best thing to do is to just channel all the fangirling energy here where, hopefully, a lot of people like me could connect. i want to be able to cyber-squeal/scream/cry about stories and cyber-hug those who feel exactly the same way. And those who feel exactly the opposite because it would be so, so interesting. It would be great to hear different thoughts and perspectives on certain subjects and be able to voice out my own opinions (opinion is such an understatement for how I feel about books).

Occasionally, this blog would probably include some random things from frustrating outfit posts to rare travel blogs. But mainly for now, I just want to have some place where talking too enthusiastically about living, breathing fictional characters and very much real non-existent places will be appreciated. Let's see where this will lead. I'm starting small, but I'm sure as heck dreaming big. HUGE.

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